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Information Technology Solutions

Impetus is and always will be an IT enabler.
We enable customers to get the best out of their information technology assets via our 20+ years of IT experience & expertise.
Whether you're unsure or just need some practical advice don't hesitate to get in touch.
We're human, after all.

We're geared to solve IT problems. Below are some of our selected IT services.

IT Consulting Solutions


We offer a wide array of IT Consulting Services in the following IT disciplines:  

• Internet
• E-commerce
• Databases
• IT Hardware, and
• Software Development 

world wide web

INTERNET services

Whether you want to get your business on the internet or you're already on the internet, we can help with :

• Domain Registration
• Domain Hosting
• Website Development
• Website Administration
• Search Engine Optimisation

electronic commerce

E-COMMERCE services

It's a world-wide-web with 1.5 billion websites out there and 200 million of which are active.

From brainstorming to starting your online store for handover, all the way to managing your online store.

We are a certified Shopify Partner and affiliate.

If you want to sell your products online now is the time!  In the meantime check out www.internetlivestats.com for some live statistics on the topic.

Database Solutions

Db services

On the data front we specialise in Microsoft SQL Server Technologies, and we offer :

• Database Server Security Auditing
• Database Server Tuning
• Database Administration
• Database Design & Development
• Data Warehousing
• Development of ETL Processing

Independent software Vendor

ISV services

Impetus IT is an ISV for the following in-house developed software products:

• Impetus Authentix
• Impetus AutoFTP
• Impetus Medicus
• Impetus ScreenPlay > Replay

Value Added Reseller

VAR services

Impetus IT is a VAR for a host of IT brands, including but not limited to:

• Asus
• Intel
• Microsoft
• nVidia

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